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The main sub-genres of metal are Heavy/Traditional, Speed/Thrash, Death, Black, Orchestrated/Symphonic, Power, Doom, Progressive, Gothic, Electronic, and Folk/Viking.

Then, you get your crossovers between one or more of these sub-genres, the most popular being Blackened Death Metal (Black and Death metal together), and Symphonic Power Metal.

Then new sub-genres come into play like Melodic Death Metal, which is a crossbreed of Death Metal and Power Metal, also with elements of Thrash Metal, but sound little like any of these original roots.    There are also many forms of "extreme" metal outside of the death and black sub-genres, such as Grindcore and Technical Death Metal.

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1. Alternative metalEdit

1.1 Derivatives of alternative metal

1.1.1 Funk metal

1.1.2 Nu metal

1.1.3 Rap metal

2.Black metalEdit

2.1 Derivatives of black metalEdit

2.1.1 Symphonic black metal

2.1.2 Viking metal

3.Cello metalEdit

4 Christian metalEdit

4.1 Derivatives of Christian metal

4.1.1 Unblack metal

5 Crust punkEdit

6 Dark metal Edit

7 Death metal  Edit

7.1 Derivatives of death metalEdit

7.1.1 Death 'n' rollEdit

7.1.2 Melodic death metalEdit

7.1.3 Technical death metalEdit

Doom 8 Doom metalEdit

8.1 Derivatives of doom metal

8.1.1 Funeral doom 8.1.2 Death/doom

8.1.3 Drone metal

8.1.4 Sludge metal

9 Experimental metalEdit

10 Extreme metalEdit

11 Folk metalEdit

11.1 Derivatives of folk metalEdit

11.1.1 Celtic metalEdit

11.1.2 Medieval metalEdit

11.1.3 Pagan metalEdit

12 Glam metalEdit

13 Gothic metalEdit

14 GrindcoreEdit

14.1 Derivatives of grindcoreEdit

14.1.1 DeathgrindEdit

14.1.2 GoregrindEdit

15 Industrial metalEdit

16 Latin metalEdit

17 MetalcoreEdit

17.1 Derivatives of metalcoreEdit

17.1.1 Melodic metalcoreEdit

17.1.2 DeathcoreEdit

17.1.3 MathcoreEdit

17.1.4 NintendocoreEdit

18 Neo-classical metalEdit

19 Post-metalEdit

20 Power metalEdit

21 Progressive metalEdit

21.1 Derivatives of progressive metalEdit

21.1.1 DjentEdit

22 Speed metalEdit

23 Stoner rockEdit

24 Symphonic metalEdit

25 Thrash metalEdit

25.1 Derivatives of thrash metalEdit

25.1.1 Crossover thrashEdit

25.1.2 Groove metalEdit

25.1.3 Teutonic thrash metalEdit

26 Traditional heavy metalEdit